Carpathian larch vat and wooden-fired sauna on Dragobrat.

The Carpathian larch vat is a therapeutic and leisure treatment that is special in its positive aspects, which we are happy to offer to our guests. The vat is filled with h2o and heated with wood to a temperature of 35-40 levels. The sharp distinction among the road and the h2o inside provides an incomparable sensation to this process. We recommend alternating the bathing process with diving into the snow.

It can also be combined with a sauna – excellent for a huge business. A vat with a capacity of 1700 liters of drinking water is designed for four folks at a time. Visits to massive businesses are possible on a rotating basis. Added payment – a lot more than 6 folks – one hundred UAH. for 1 customer. The price includes 4 towels.

A wooden-burning sauna with brooms , or dry steam is an ideal selection in the chilly period soon after snowboarding or boarding. In our sauna the temperature reaches a hundred and twenty degrees, which will satisfy the most hardy bathtub attendant. The sauna helps to increase the well being of the complete entire body, treats many illnesses, but it also has its contraindications. Aromatic Carpathian organic tea will be an superb addition to the immune technique.

The firebox of our sauna retains a lot more than one hundred kg. basalt stones, so if you want, you can arrange a “Russian bathhouse” with brooms, which we make ourselves from oak, birch and mint. Up to six people. Extra payment for added man or woman – 100 UAH. sauna Dragobrat


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